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2 Years in the Making | CSC Photography - Information | Southwest Virginia Photographer

I can't begin to think that I've been doing this for TWO YEARS!

I've loved taking pictures ever since I was a little girl. Just ask anyone at any of my family reunions, birthday parties, etc... I was most definitely the kid running around with a slider phone (and eventually an iPod Touch) taking pictures and calling myself the photographer.

Although my family would probably claim that it was cute at the time, I get a little embarrassed thinking about how I begged my family members to let me take their group pictures with their digital (point-and-shoot) cameras, especially since the majority of them were really blurry.

I actually started to get a little better when I took a journalism course in high school. I signed up because I knew the teacher, and she talked me into taking my personal economics class the next year in order to help with the yearbook. In the first few weeks, I learned about some basic photography rules and quickly fell in love with the photography aspect of journalism. I found myself signing up for as many Friday night events as my jam-packed schedule would allow and practice with the school's camera at home before I had to turn it in on Monday mornings.

For Christmas my senior year, my parents got me my very own DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T6! I immediately opened the box and began charging the batteries because I had to test it out right away! I swear, my sister and I used it all day! We took pictures of each other, the Christmas decorations, our food, family opening presents that evening... it seems like it never stopped, and there were multiple outfit changes in there!

From the very first day I touched my own camera, to the day I made a Facebook page advertising that I could take pictures of people, the day I got my first client, the day I learned manual mode, the day photographers started asking me to teach them (even though I felt like I had just learned myself), and everything else... I couldn't be more excited about these milestones, the milestones I'm currently working on, and all of the milestones that have yet to come!

Cheers to TWO YEARS!

Enjoy a little transformation from my one of my favorites from my very first session after starting my business, to a quick headshot from when Lauren was helping me with my first prom season, and finally a favorite from Lauren's most recent session!

We all start somewhere, so don't judge my earlier work too harshly... and yes, Lauren is still my favorite model.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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