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Fourth of July 2019 | CSC Photography - Personal | Lebanon, VA

It may not come as a surprise (especially since I'm in school for law and politics) that I LOVE the Fourth of July! It's my second favorite holiday!

Every year, or at least pretty much every year, my family travels to Christiansburg, VA for a cookout at my uncle's house.

We always enjoy good food, good company, and good fun!

On the way back home, my parents, my sister, and I stop in Lebanon to see the fireworks.

This year, being Lebanon's bicentennial, the fireworks were viewed by hundred on the football field, preceded by some country music! It was such an intimate way to enjoy the country's birthday with the community!

Of course, I had to partake in my new Fourth of July tradition, eating a snow cone from the Sno Shak!

I had my first Sno Shak snow cone last year on the Fourth, and I've been addicted ever since! If you're local or ever in the area, I DEFINITELY recommend one of these treats!

After fireworks, Lauren and I light sparklers at our own home, which we've been doing since we were kids!

Happy Fourth of July!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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