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5 Go-To Poses for Couples | CSC Photography - Information | Southwest Virginia Photographer

When I work with couples, one of the most common concerns I hear is, “We have no idea what to do in pictures. Will you help us with poses and what to do?”

My answer is always a resounding “YES!”

Part of my job as a photographer is making sure you are comfortable and looking good in front of the camera, and that comes with an enjoyable photographic experience complete with easy to follow posing instructions! I am specifically trained to make sure you don’t look awkward in front of the camera, even if you think you can’t take a good picture!

In this blog post, I am teaching you some of my favorite poses for couples that you can use in your session with me, or even the next time you take a picture on your iPhone! Gone are the days of not knowing what to do when the camera is on you!

The secret to posing to foot position! There are only so many ways your feet can go, and those are what make different poses. Everything else is just a variation of that basic pose! Here are some of my favorites.

1) Facing One Another (Chest to Chest)

In this pose, feet are pointed toward each other, and the couple is chest to chest or facing each other.

2) Hug from Behind (Modified Prom Pose)

This is a bit different than your mom’s prom pictures. Think of this pose like a hug from behind. The trick with this one is to make sure that the person in the back is off-center enough to be seen (they’re important too)!

For more variety, you can have the girl give the hug!

3) Latching On (Side Link)

This one is a bit more complicated for a basic pose, but it’s super cute! For the side link, I like to have the groom (in most cases) start with both hands in pockets, and the bride will latch onto his arm with her belly button pointed toward the hip bone. Think of it like a T-pose, but with your body and not outstretched arms.

4) Walking (Separated)

This pose might be a bit easier for some, you’re just separated as the name suggests! This can mean walking shots, just standing next to each other, there are a ton of possibilities!

Want even more ways to pose better in pictures? Here are some of my favorite poses that are a little more advanced!

5) Advanced Posing

For this one, have either person lead the other as they walk. For variety, have shots with different emotions, looking at different places (ie. off to the side, at each other, one looking at the camera, etc.). This looks easy, but it's actually pretty hard to walk without looking where you're going.

The lifted kiss is one of my favorite advanced poses! For this pose to look good, make sure the guy lifts underneath the butt, just trust me, it helps.

Sitting poses are actually really hard because they take quite a bit of adjustment to make it look natural. From where you're sitting to hand placement, sitting is rather advanced... but it is oh so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed these go-to poses and that they help you in your next photo shoot, whether that be with me, another photographer, or just your friend with an iPhone! These poses are sure to help you get variety in your camera roll and look great with your significant other!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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