5 Wedding Day Reminders | CSC Photography - Information | Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm about to cue in the Farm Bureau Insurance slogan for this one because as a wedding photographer, I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two.

Weddings can be really stressful if you let it. In this blog post, however, I am going to lay out some of my favorite tips for you to have a relatively stress-free, incredibly memorable (for all the right reasons) wedding day!

1 - Pay Attention to Details

Maybe it's because I love details (I'm very detail-oriented), but I think the small things really matter! Make sure your photographer knows that you want your details photographed. Have your bridal details (i.e. rings, jewelry, dress, veil, shoes, flowers, invitation suite, etc.) gathered so your photographer can do a careful job of styling those for gorgeous pictures!

Make sure you have a little time built into your wedding day timeline for capturing the ceremony and reception details. Why would you spend so much time fretting over centerpieces if you're not going to get a picture of them? (P.S. I help all of my brides build their timelines because I love the process that much)!