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5 Wedding Day Reminders | CSC Photography - Information | Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm about to cue in the Farm Bureau Insurance slogan for this one because as a wedding photographer, I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two.

Weddings can be really stressful if you let it. In this blog post, however, I am going to lay out some of my favorite tips for you to have a relatively stress-free, incredibly memorable (for all the right reasons) wedding day!

1 - Pay Attention to Details

Maybe it's because I love details (I'm very detail-oriented), but I think the small things really matter! Make sure your photographer knows that you want your details photographed. Have your bridal details (i.e. rings, jewelry, dress, veil, shoes, flowers, invitation suite, etc.) gathered so your photographer can do a careful job of styling those for gorgeous pictures!

Make sure you have a little time built into your wedding day timeline for capturing the ceremony and reception details. Why would you spend so much time fretting over centerpieces if you're not going to get a picture of them? (P.S. I help all of my brides build their timelines because I love the process that much)!

2 - Eat

I know, I know... this really feels like a given, but I cannot tell you how many brides either forget or simply don't eat on the morning of their wedding! Trust me, I know you want to prevent bloating in your dress, etc., but having some crackers (or preferably something a bit more filling) will prevent you from potentially passing out on your wedding day. Especially for summer weddings, heat + long day + no food = not the memorable wedding day you've always dreamed of.

3 - Trust Your Vendors

You hired (or are hiring) your vendors for a reason! Save yourself some stress and trust them to do their jobs correctly. Of course, I don't mean to never question them or check in with them (especially in regards to something you want to be done), but... if you're working with a planner, try not to micro-manage everything on their to-do list, etc. You have bigger things to worry about (like making it down the aisle), and your vendors want your big day to be as perfect as you do!

4 - Delegate Tasks

I cannot stress this enough! Delegate, delegate, delegate on your wedding day! Someone else can handle making sure final payments or tips go to vendors. The bride shouldn't have to worry about whether or not napkins have been laid out in the reception area yet. If you can, use your planner, day-of-coordinator, family members, bridal party, etc. to check on things or run errands. The last thing a bride should be doing on her big day is making sure all of the candles are lit in her centerpieces, etc.

I love helping my couples by providing an extra set of hands when I can! You need boutonnieres to be brought to the guy's getting ready space? You've got it! And if I can't do it personally, that's another reason I love having a second shooter or assistant with me every time I shoot.

5 - Savor Every Moment

This is by far the most important and valuable tip I can offer you because you only get one wedding day (unless you do a vow renewal... or remarry), so make sure you take a moment to take everything in! So many couples rush through their entire day, and they don't actually take a breath just to savor the moment... it's your wedding day... you just got MARRIED!!! I know weddings are a big deal and have a million things going on with them, but don't let it be over before you know it even happened! Enjoy the moment and savor it!

I hope these tips give you a little solace and peace of mind on your wedding day! I know wedding days are long and full of tiny details that you want to be perfect. But focus on your love for your future husband or wife, the people gathered to celebrate that love, and the act of marriage itself.

Think about your fifth wedding anniversary for a moment. Wouldn't you rather remember the love and happiness associated with your wedding day and not the stress and panic of small details? Little things will pop up (trust me, I've never been to a "perfect wedding," and I don't think I will), but your wedding will be perfect because you'll be marrying the man or woman of your dreams!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett

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