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Matt & Andrea - Engaged | CSC Photography | Virginia Tech Engagement Session


A Winter Engagement Session at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond


Devon and I met with Matt & Andrea at Virginia Tech for their engagement session on Sunday, and we had the best time walking around their alma mater!

Matt & Andrea grew up in neighboring hometowns, but didn't meet until one summer home from college. Their story continued with a surprise proposal in August at a Sunflower Festival! Andrea's best friend was in on the whole thing, and that made the surprise so much sweeter!

We cannot wait until this incredible couple's next chapter, their wedding in October of next year... but I just know this season of engagement will be so enjoyable for them, especially if it's anything like their engagement session!

Matt & Andrea were so much fun, and we simply cannot wait to see them again soon!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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