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Baltimore Recap 2020 | CSC Photography - Personal | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Devon and I have been traveling a lot for weddings and sessions lately, and one thing we LOVE to do when we travel is set aside a day just to explore. Normally, I would say that we set aside a day to explore the [new] cities we're in, but Baltimore isn't really new to either of us.

You may not know this, but Devon has lived in 6 states! Yes, that's right, 6 different states! During his high school career, he lived in Maryland, not too far from Baltimore. And oddly enough, I have family in that same town, so trips to Baltimore were definitely apart of my childhood (although I've mostly ever seen the few blocks surrounding Oriole Park at Camden Yards - until this trip).

So, here are some highlights of this trip to a maybe not so new city, but new experiences for both of us!

I rode the Metro for the first time!

This may not seem like much to some people, but when my family visited Baltimore in years past, we never needed to use their transportation system. We would always stay with my family a few towns over for the majority of the trip and stay in a hotel surrounding the baseball stadium either the morning of a day game or the night after an evening game.

After getting off of the metro, which we rode end to end, we got to see some really incredible buildings on our rather short walk to the inner harbor... like John Hopkins University and this stunning church!

Before getting to the Inner Harbor, we just had to stop at this adorable little storefront to take some pictures... okay, it was mostly me who wanted to stop!

When we finally got to the inner harbor, we were met with an all-of-the-sudden, completely out-of-the-blue downpour! We were able to get these few pictures while the rain wasn't as strong, but the majority of our time by the water was spent under the awning of an upscale hotel because we didn't have umbrellas.

The walk back from the Inner Harbor was a lot longer than the walk down, as it sometimes seems when you're wet, in heels, and now have blisters on both feet (next time, I'll be sure to pack my boat shoes instead)... although the Brick Oven Pizza and Insomnia Cookies we got made up for a lot of it.

Overall though, our first trip to Baltimore was a fun and memorable one, and I can't wait to share more of our travels!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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