Best of 2018 | CSC Photography - Information | Southwest Virginia Photographer

Never in a million years would I have imagined a year quite like 2018.

- I had the opportunity to work with so many AMAZING clients... which I like to think of more as friends.

- I designed my own website... and then redesigned it... and redesigned it again.

- I had so many "firsts" with my sessions... my first headshot session... my first senior session... my first family session... etc.

- I actually started blogging... and KEPT blogging consistently... this is actually my 50th post!

- I started mentoring other photographers in my area, which has given all of us the chance to grow our businesses.

- Most importantly, I've gotten to better capture precious memories of my own family (especially my little sister), which is why I continued photography after that one journalism class I had in high school.

A successful business year is great, and I'm so thankful for everyone involved in the success of my photography business... BUT I was never in it for the money.

Personally, I am the happiest after a session when I get a message from my clients or models saying they just LOVED the pictures... or when someone says she never liked the way she looked in pictures until they had a session with me and now she has so much confidence in photo shoots and how she looks in general. This brings me so much more satisfaction than a paycheck, and that's how I prefer to measure the success of my business.

Now, I'm going to take a moment to recap some of my favorite moments from my 2018 sessions.

So thankful for all of my first clients and models that truly got my business off the ground.