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Camp HEAR | Waiting to Hear - Event | Greenville, TN

One morning, I received an email from Shannon Ball, the founder of Waiting to Hear, and it made my day!

(You may recall a previous post about Waiting to Hear... I also photographed their HEAR Me Roar 2018 event)!

Shannon was inquiring another event session for an upcoming camp, Camp HEAR.

I immediately checked my calendar and agreed to come all the way to Mosheim, TN (just outside of Greenville) to photograph for this wonderful organization.

I just love working with this group of volunteers so much!

This was truly a magical event!

The venue was gorgeous... definitely worth the 29 mosquito bites I got while there!

The kids were really excited to get dressed up and meet Rapunzel!

Even Deadpool got in on the action!

I love Bob's Burgers, so I was super excited they had a "Gaga Ball" arena at the ranch!

There were cute little crafts for the kids! I loved the clothespin cow, personally.

Rapunzel helped out with crafts, and the kids loved it!


Organization: Waiting to Hear

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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