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Coal Bowl Community Pep Rally 2018 | Sports - Lebanon High School | Lebanon, VA

Okay you all, if you're from Southwest Virginia, or around Russell County, you know about the rivalry between Lebanon and Honaker.

Did someone say "COAL BOWL?"

If your reading this and don't know what the Coal Bowl is, let me explain...

The Coal Bowl is the annual football game between Lebanon and Honaker, and usually it's the first game of the season - besides scrimmages.

Everyone gets PUMPED for this game... but Lebanon took it a step further this year.


How cool is that?

I was a Lebanon cheerleader in high school, and of course, we did the Honaker pep rally and homecoming pep rally at school... BUT as they would say on the Lowe's commercial...

This is a game changer!

I'm so glad I was able to help capture this first ever Lebanon Community Pep Rally!

Isn't Lauren the cutest little cheerleader?!

I take pictures of other people too, I promise!

Lauren finally let me take a picture of her and her boyfriend! I hope that happens again.

Want to see more of the pep rally?

Click here to view the gallery. It will be active until September 24, 2018!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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