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Colin & Danielle - Married | CSC Photography - Weddings | Arrington Vineyards - Arrington, TN

A wedding day timeline running behind schedule, a downpour of rain right after the ceremony, portraits WAY after sunset, and an off-camera flash system that failed minutes into portrait time... in the moment, it seemed like the whole universe was rooting against Colin & Danielle on their big day.

I mean, we're completely transparent over here, right?

It's so easy to get frustrated in times like this, but I am so glad that these two newlyweds were able to prove that love really does win in the end (even after a STORM) because their wedding day was beautiful, despite the (what seemed like) dozens of obstacles presented to them on the biggest day of their lives!

I hate to say this (mostly because I want every one of my couples to have the most perfect wedding - you know, the one they've been dreaming about for years), but the overall day truly reminds me of their love story.

Colin & Danielle had their first date way back in 2015 at the very same vineyard they got married at. Although their story may start there, they actually dated other people for a bit before ending up back together and joined in marriage years later.

I find their story so special! Call it fate, destiny, divine intervention, whatever you must... these two show us over and over again that love really does overcome every obstacle!

I am simply amazed by their story and their upbeat/positive attitude throughout the night. And we were able to create some magic together, regardless of the rain, night sky, equipment issue, and whatever the universe chucked our way. It truly was a spectacular wedding, and I'm just honored to have been apart of the celebration.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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