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Cullen & Kacie | CSC Photography - Couples | State Street & Steele Creek Park - Bristol, TN

Oh my goodness! I cannot say enough about Cullen & Kacie! Their engagement session was absolutely STUNNING!

Kacie and I actually used to go to church together when we were younger! I remember all of our bible schools spent together very fondly. Fun Fact: we share the same birthday... just a year apart!

We started out on State Street in Bristol VA/TN, and even from the very beginning, these two were killing it! The first couple of portraits are supposed to just be warm-ups, used to get comfortable with each other, the camera, and teach posing.... but I think I kept all of them! I seriously could have photographed these two all day!

After walking around State Steet, talking, getting to know each other a bit better, and taking gorgeous pictures, we headed off to Steele Creek Park.

I had only been to Steele Creek one other time for a walk with my sister, but the spots they suggested were incredible!

Kacie & Cullen, I adored photographing you two, and I cannot wait for your wedding!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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