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Devin & Gretchen - Married | CSC Photography | Middle Fork Barn - Meadowview, VA


A Clean and Classic Wedding at Middle Fork Barn in Meadowview, Virginia


Devin and Gretchen's wedding was so intentional! Every detail was perfectly planned, and the couple was so intentional with the meaning of marriage.

My favorite of their wedding day was their ceremony, no question... and from a photographer who loves her details and portraits, that's really saying something.

Devin and Gretchen are so rooted in their faith, and if you know them, you know that. Their ceremony had the most beautiful foot-washing ceremony and a portion where their pastor was able to preach freely. At their engagement session, they told us that it was really important to them to use their ceremony as a way to bring others to Christ as it may be one of the only opportunities some of those guests have to learn of God.

Immediately, my heart was melting!

Enjoy living through their sentimental day!