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Halloween Wedding Inspiration | CSC Photography - Weddings | Broken J Farm - Bluff City, TN

You're probably used to seeing classic, bright & airy, romantic weddings and portraits around here, and that's good because that's what we do... but I thought it would be a fun idea with Halloween coming up to share a couple of blog posts of Halloween wedding inspiration (that's still on the brighter side).

I know, I know! This sounds like a completely contradictory statement. A light & bright Halloween wedding? But stay with me here, okay. This is for my people who love Halloween, but maybe not so much the dark and scary part so much as the dressing up, pumpkins, and having fun! If that speaks to you, keep going! I think you'll love these!


Decor, table settings & setup | Venue Decor

Bouquet, boutonniere, and centerpiece | Cherished by Melanie

Cake | Missy Shaffer

Makeup | Faces by Ren

Invitations | Pretty Fun Invitations

Models | Eric M, Jessica Lenore Wilde & Katelyn Yarbrough

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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