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Houston & AJ | CSC Photography - Couples | Emory & Henry College - Virginia Wedding Photographer


A Fall Anniversary Session at Emory & Henry College


I am always so, so humbled to get to be apart of my client's lives throughout numerous life events. AJ is no exception.

You probably recognize her from previous blog posts, and that's because I've been photographing her since 2018! She was one of my very first subjects, and I am honored every single time I get to photograph her!

Maybe it's because we were neighbors freshman year (and in the same major for a bit), maybe it's because I get to photograph her so many times a year, or maybe it's because we really are friends outside of this... but I feel like we've been through everything together! And it's true, we've been through a lot in our just over 3 years of friendship, but getting to capture all of her milestones doesn't hurt that relationship.

This time, I got to photograph her and Houston as AJ's birthday present to herself! This is our third year doing her birthday portraits together, second year where Houston was involved, and first year where Devon came along (and let me just tell you - Houston and Devon hit it off right away, and AJ & I joke about how that's the secret to making Houston do more photoshoots - these two text each other all the time)!

Anyway, here's to the happiest of birthdays, AJ! Devon and I hope it was the very best and you have the greatest year! We cannot wait to see you at your next milestone (or that double date we keep talking about)!

Let's face it, heels are tough... but AJ got the sweetest Cinderella moment when Houston helped her put them back on mid-session!

... and another Cinderella moment with this heel pop (all the hear eyes)

Oh, Houston & AJ, your genuine personalities will never get old!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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