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Logan & Megan - Engaged | CSC Photography | Great Falls, MD Engagement Session


An Spring Engagement Session at Great Falls National Park in Maryland


Megan & Logan's engagement session at Great Falls National Park in Maryland was long awaited! They booked us last summer, and Devon and I have been dying to put a name with a face (outside of Zoom) ever since!

But seriously, Megan & Logan are a DREAM couple!!!

They're getting married at one of our favorite venues (The Granary at Valley Pike) in June, and they actually booked us and the venue based off of THIS BLOG POST!

Talk about every photographer's dream, right!

Megan & Logan went to high school, and met at an after-prom party! They stayed up the ENTIRE night talking and even saw the sun come up that morning. I think it's so cute that whenever Megan was telling me that story, she said that since that night they started talking, they haven't stopped since. How adorable?!

Megan is a girl after my own heart because she loves details and is willing to do pretty much anything for a good picture... how fitting their wedding date is on the day of their nine year anniversary (and it's on a Saturday, talk about details)!

Until we get to show you all the goodies from their wedding day (we can't wait), enjoy some of my favorite moments from their engagement session!

See you soon, Caitlin S. Cornett

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