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Katelyn - Bridals | CSC Photography | Meadowlark 1939 - Atlanta, GA


An Elegant Bridal Session at Meadowlark 1939 in Atlanta, GA


Katelyn is a bride after my heart! You all know this wedding photographer is obsessed with stunning portraits and all the detail shots... and Katelyn cannot get enough of it either!

I already knew her bridal session was going to be fabulous because her Charleston engagement session was breath-taking!

But, when Katelyn suggested using Meadowlark1939 for her bridal session, I could not wait to create some magic for her! Brides...! Take this blog post and run! If you need inspiration for classic and elegant bridal portraits, this is it!

And if you haven't thought about having an extra half hour or so to have beautiful detail shots and pictures before you get in your dress... here is your sign!

Katelyn, you were a vision here, and you were radiant at your wedding this weekend!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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