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Kennady Ray | CSC Photography - Headshots | Emory, VA

When Kennady couldn't make it to the scheduled date of the Emory & Henry Theatre Department Headshot Marathon because she was getting her hair completely changed, I automatically told her not to worry about it!

We scheduled her session for the very next weekend, and it was definitely worth the wait!

Kennady always looks fabulous, but the combination of her new hairstyle, bold makeup, and all-black outfit was simply killer!

Just look at some of these favorites from her session!

Because it was raining a little bit during her session, we used window and light from a glass door to still get naturally lit shots while indoors!

I always end up getting at least one funny/personality picture during sessions, and the one on the left perfectly describes Kennady's session... a bit of goofiness and a whole lot of fun!

Plus, Kennady is such a trooper, throwing the umbrella down to have a couple of pictures taken at a time while rain is drizzling from the sky.

I sat in Kennady's car while she did this makeup change mid-session. She was so fast, and it looks so good! It definitely puts my makeup routine to shame!

Love this one!

You're so gorgeous, Kenn!

Of course, I had to sneak a black & white image in here too!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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