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Lauren & AJ - Prom 2019 | CSC Photography - Couples | Ellenbrook Mansions - Elk Garden, VA

OMG! My little sister's first prom is on the blog!

This post is honestly slightly surreal. It feels like just last year Lauren was following me around with my camera taking pictures at my prom.

Okay, it may have been more than a year... Still, it doesn't seem possible for Lauren to even be old enough to attend prom!

After photographing Ben and Shiana's prom session at the Ellenbrook last year, I knew I had to photograph there again. I'm so glad my mom and Lauren listened to that suggestion because the pictures are so precious!

Also, Lauren and AJ may not be an actual couple, but they were so sweet with one another! It was the cutest thing!

Here are some of my favorites from their cute gallery!

How stunning does Lauren look on that staircase?! I think that's the epitome of class and sophistication!

Most guys hate having their picture taken, but AJ was such a good sport!

Don't let those smiles fool you, boutonnieres are hard to put on, especially when someone [Lauren] has a fear of needles...

Why didn't Nail Aesthetics by Alexis exist when I was getting ready for prom? These are gorgeous, and you know I loved every second of photographing these details!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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