Lauren Cornett - Part I | CSC Photography - Seniors | Hidden Valley Lake - Abingdon, VA

Let me just tell you I have WAY too many favorites from Lauren's senior session.

Like so many that I had to break it down into two separate blog posts.

Just to put it into perspective, I usually blog around 20 collaged pictures for a normal session... this session was a little bit longer than a normal senior session, but this blog post alone (about half of her session) has 42 images!

I couldn't make you all scroll that longer than that, so stay tuned when I share part II on Tuesday.


This session was really special because it was my little sister's first (official) set of senior pictures, but also because we experimented a lot more than I normally do during a session.

Lauren had a ton of good ideas, and this session truly brought me back to the days when I first started dabbling in photography. I loved every minute of it!

Enjoy all of my favorites from the first half of her session!