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Lebanon Girls Varsity Soccer @ Central High School | CSC Photography - Sports | Wise, VA

I think it's becoming an annual tradition for me to photograph Lebanon's opening soccer match at Central High School while I'm on spring break... and that's a tradition I want to always keep!

I remember photographing there last year, almost a year to date, and posting about it on my Snapchat story (something I rarely do).

The post was simple... the back of my camera with the field in the background. The caption read, "Soccer season is my favorite season."

I wasn't lying either. Soccer is one of my favorite times of the year, along with spring (in general), Christmas, and prom.

Anyway, I am so glad that soccer season has officially started for the year, and I can't wait to be done with my spring semester, so I'll be able to travel with the team and take even more pictures!

I love watching Lauren on the field!

I haven't really done black and white images with my sports photos until this year, but I have to say... I LOVE a good black & white image! They're just so classic!

I know Lauren will probably hate me for posting this picture, but I think she looks so funny ducking this ball. It reminds me of some of her younger soccer years, when she wasn't as aggressive and really afraid of hitting the ball with her head... I suppose that's a rational fear though because she did get hit in the head with the ball later in the game and scared us into thinking she had a concussion.

I call this "The Art of the Throw-In: A Series" ... just kidding, but it does go to show how much I overshoot...

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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