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Lebanon vs. John Battle | Lebanon High School - Sports | Lebanon, VA

To most, this blog post may seem like just an ordinary cheerleading/football sporting event. However, to me, it's so much more!

Since I'm back at Emory, my schedule doesn't allow me to come to ANY Friday football games.

That means I can't see Lauren cheering, and I can't photograph.

When I first realized this, I was devastated... but you have to do what you have to do, right...

This post is so special because I actually got to attend a game this year, and I was sooo excited!

Due to Hurricane Florence, the Lebanon vs. John Battle Varsity football game was rescheduled from its normal Friday night time slot to the night before, Thurday (AKA an afternoon I'm free).

That meant I was able to go and enjoy the game... and take pictures of course!

Now, I wish the circumstances could have been different, but I'm glad for this one small silver lining.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this special event!

Every year, LHS invites cheerleaders from the youth program to cheer with them at a home game. They're the cutest!

My little sister was a flyer!

We can't forget about the football players!

... and the youth football players!

Click here to view the full gallery (will be active until October 22, 2018).

Click here to donate to the victims of Hurricane Florence through the Red Cross.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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