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Matthew & Mikayla - Surprise Proposal | CSC Photography - Couples | Private Farm - Paintlick, VA

When I choose Mikayla as one of the winners of my 2-year business anniversary giveaway, I had no idea her session would turn into one so incredibly special!

Matthew and Mikayla met, while they were still in high school, at their church, Community Heights... and they started dating just over four years ago!

These two are the sweetest couple! I went to high school with Matthew; he graduated a year ahead of me. I had never met Mikayla though, and by the end of the session, it felt like I was with old friends!

I'm always super excited to photograph couples (because they're my favorite), but I was even more thrilled to photograph this session. Two days before our session, Matthew messaged me about doing a proposal during the photo shoot. Of course, I immediately said YES because it was the cutest idea I've ever heard!

I am so glad I picked you as the winner of my giveaway, Mikayla! You are going to make the most beautiful bride!

Matt helped pick out this yellow dress, and it was an excellent choice!

That grass is deeper than it looks, but I'm so glad these two braved it for these gorgeous portraits!

This property is almost as stunning as these two are!

I don't normally take individuals during a couples session, but I just had to pull Mikayla for the one on the right!

I can't believe these were taken just minutes before they became ENGAGED!

How sweet is this?!

I just love Mikayla's look of pure joy here!

Congratulations to this adorable, newly-engaged couple! You two are the absolute sweetest!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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