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Justin & Cher - Married | CSC Photography - Weddings | Cedars of Lebanon - Tennessee Wedding


Orange and Navy Cedars of Lebanon State Park Wedding


Cher & Justin got married at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Lebanon, Tennessee on Saturday, and it was the cutest family affair! I swear, I have never seen a cuter family being blended (Avery and little Ali are the sweetest kids, and they made the day 10x better... but maybe that's just my opinion)

What I can tell you as a fact though, is Justin and Cher are simply meant to be! The way they love their sweet little Ali (& baby on the way), and the way Cher has completely bonded with Avery (her now step-daughter)... it's truly remarkable and so inspiring!

This family really gives me hope in humanity!

Anyway... back to the wedding!!! This night wedding was incredibly beautiful (even though it didn't have the glowy light we're all fans of (darn time change), and I cannot wait to share my favorites with you! Enjoy!!!

You all know I'm a fan of that sparkling grape juice!!

Woohoo, they're MARRIED!!!

One of my favorites from the entire day!!!

This Mother/Daughter Dance had me sooo emotional!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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