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Meet the Pioneers 2018 | Lebanon High School - Sports | Lebanon, VA

It is always a pleasure of mine to photograph different events at Lebanon High School, my own alma mater.

This goes from football season to soccer, and anything else I’m in for.

Of course, it helps that Lauren is involved in a lot, and I always enjoy taking pictures of her.

Meet the Pioneers is always a special time in Lebanon.

The whole community comes together to celebrate the official kickoff of Pioneer football season, and as a former cheerleader myself, I equally enjoy the festivities.

It’s Friday night at Tommy Bryant Stadium, and although it’s not late enough for the field lights to turn on, the hot, August sun beating down on the players, cheerleaders, band members, coaches, and fans creates a warmer yet similar effect.

The football team, although small in numbers, warms up on the field, dazzling the crowd of anticipating fans with passes and tackles.

Cheerleaders are getting the crowd pumped up as they perform their cheers and dance while the band plays.

Colorgaurd flags can be seen flying through the air as the sun is starting to set behind the Middle School.

Finally, the red/white scrimmage begins....

and football season has officially begun at LHS.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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