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Stephen & Olivia - Engaged | CSC Photography | Hungry Mother Park - Marion, VA


A Nature-Inspired Engagement Session at Hungry Mother Park in Marion, VA


You all, this is one of the reasons I love being a Virginia wedding photographer!

We can be in the heart of a historical district one day, a bustling city the next, and a quaint state park the day after.

That's exactly what happened the weekend we photographed Stephen & Olivia's engagement session, and we loved it!

You would think that after over 100 weddings and so many engagement sessions that I've actually lost count, we'd get tired of shooting at some of our more frequented places, but that's simply not the case.

Every couple is completely different. The joy they bring to their sessions, the laughter, the tolerance for Devon's terrible dad jokes, the personalities, the outfits, the places we actually stop to take pictures... it's what keeps us going.

We pull up to a session thinking, oh, here's another engagement at Hungry Mother, and we leave with beautiful images and lifelong friends like Stephen & Olivia. Every time.

Devon and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding, but until then, enjoy this season of engagement with them!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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