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My Favorites - Bob's Burgers | CSC Photography - Personal | Southwest Virginia Photographer

Well, you can thank my freshman college roommate, Syndi, for this one!

We would watch comical, animated shows on Netflix and Hulu every night, and now I'm obsessed!

Between awkward Tina moments (that we've probably all experienced at one point or another), sassy little Louise, interesting family dynamics, etc., Bob's Burgers truly sheds a humorous light on average families... and I love it!

Which character would describe me best? I'm actually a mixture of Linda and Gene. Just like Linda, I get really excited about planning things (especially events like Christmas parties and surprise parties). I also love music and theatre like both Linda and Gene. When I was younger, I actually liked to write my own songs and shows, just like Gene. However, mine were a far cry from the level of Gene's version of "Die Hard: The Musical" and his song about Thomas Edison, "Electric Love."

Remember that time I got to photograph a real-life game of "Gaga Ball" at Camp HEAR 2018? I was in Bob's Burgers heaven!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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