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Richmond Recap 2020 | CSC Photography - Personal | Virginia Capitol Building - Richmond, VA

I absolutely adore Richmond! I hadn't been since my MGA (mock-Congress) trips in high school, and because I love politics (and gorgeous pictures), I just knew I had to plan a trip and photo swap during my spring break!

After planning the trip for months (I'm really a type-A kind of person), I was so excited to make the drive, see a bit of the city, get some Pinterest-worthy pictures at the Capitol, and follow the very organized spreadsheet itinerary I had (I did mention I like to be organized, right)!

I started my trip on a Sunday afternoon, driving from Emory to Richmond. I did stop at Panera Bread for lunch on the way there... and when a trip starts with Panera, you know it's going to be good (I would die for their mac 'n cheese)!

I had an amazing trip, got a lot of work done, and ate some amazing Italian food while I was there (Maggiano's is the best)!

I am so thankful to have met Jessica from Jessica Lapp Photography while I was there, and I can never thank her enough for making my photographer's heart oh so happy with these STUNNING images! Plus, she is the sweetest! I hope to meet you again soon!

I've never really been around a film photographer (unless you count that time my roommate took a film photography class), but I was more than willing to be a test subject for Jessica as she practiced with film... plus, I LOVE the way these look! You better believe I'm printing all of these!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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