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Selena - Class of 2019 | Eastside High School Senior Session | St. Paul, VA

Let me just say, I had no idea Cleveland, VA could be so beautiful!

I grew up in Cleveland, and I've had mini sessions with my sister so many times in our backyard, but this farm property was truly something else!

When Selena and I first discussed locations for her senior session, she told me she wanted an open field. I LOVED the idea, but I had no idea how I was going to find a way to shoot in one.

Luckily, her grandfather had a farm property on Ivy Ridge... and it was GORGEOUS!

Of course, Selena would look good ANYWHERE, but I'm so glad we shot her senior portraits here.

Here's to the rest of your senior year, Selena!

I almost didn't shoot these images with the gate. There was two minutes left in the session, and I wanted to do one more set of pictures. I'm so glad I did take these because they're some of my favorites!

We definitely had a fun time!

You are simply STUNNING, Selena!

Look at those eyes!

These were taken inside of the farmhouse built in the 1800s!

My goodness, that light!

She even brought her dog, Sadie! How cute is that?!

Just gorgeous!

I love these images by the barn!

This was the funniest idea I've ever had a client come up with!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett

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