Ashelyn & Jonathan - Snow Day 2018 | CSC Photography - Portraits | Emory & Henry College - Emory, VA

I am a tad bit upset because I got snowed out of a precious family session, but...

1. I get to photograph the family in January now.

2. I got to spend the day with my best friends... taking pictures in the snow!

How great is that?!

We participated in all kinds of snow day fun:

- trying to build snowmen,

- making snowballs (...and throwing those snowballs at walls, people, the ground... and anything else we saw...),

- sinking in the snow (that was over a foot deep),

- shivering because it's too cold...

- the usual stuff...

I will note though, if you don't want other college students to push you into large piles of snow (because that's apparently a popular game on campus), you should always carry your expensive camera with you. Most people are kind enough not to push you if you have a camera.

(*Keep that in mind... it could save you one day*)

We had such a great time though, and I can't wait to see and capture all of the other adventures we have in the future!