Timeline Tips for a Picture Perfect Wedding | CSC Photography - Information | VA Wedding Photography

There are a couple of tips and tricks I've learned through my experience photographing weddings that make for a smooth wedding day timeline that allows ample time for all of the gorgeous pictures you've been saving on Pinterest for months! Believe it or not, they don't all happen naturally, and they take a bit of time to make happen. That's why I'm sharing some of my favorite tips for a picture-perfect wedding day timeline on the blog today!

1 | Consult Your Vendors

Your vendors have probably been doing this for a while, and they know how wedding days go. Trust their advice when they give you input on your wedding day timeline! Personally, unless it's a small elopement style wedding, I like to give my couples a timeline to follow, tweak, or base their own off of. This helps tremendously with the flow of the wedding! I always send a full day timeline example and a list of how much time I like to have to get great pictures throughout the entire day!

With this though, don't be afraid to tell your vendors what you want! Ultimately, at the end of the day, we're here to serve you. So, if that means having a receiving line right after the ceremony instead of moving right into family formals, that's totally fine, and we'll add in extra time!

2 | Know Sunset Times