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Trent Allen Birthday Party | CSC Photography - Event | Emory & Henry College, VA

College is such a busy time, but I love how my housemates and I always make time to celebrate birthdays!

Trent's birthday is technically in July, but we wanted to celebrate everybody's birthday in the house, so we had a very late birthday party for Trent in October (yes, it took us that long to get fully settled).

What I love most about this event was the sheer amount of love that was shown for Trent!

I'll be bluntly honest when I say a lot of this party was planned at the last minute. We bought decorations and planned the cake in advance, but we picked the date a few days before and invited everyone the day of. To my surprise, they all responded (almost immediately) with so much excitement exclaiming they'll be there!

Happy (very late) Birthday, Trent! You are so loved!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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