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A Little Fall of Rain | Lauren Cornett - Portraits | Cleveland, VA

Guess who's back on the blog... that's right, it's my little sister Lauren!

For this mini-session, I asked Lauren to help me with something in particular.

Several of my sessions have been moved around due to the recent rain we've been having in Virginia, so I ordered some clear umbrellas (a must have).

I got them in, and obviously, I had to shoot with them right away... and that's where Lauren came in.

In about ten or fifteen minutes one slightly rainy Saturday afternoon, I had Lauren reluctantly change out of her over-sized long sleeved tee shirt and into this cute little top, prance around in our backyard with an umbrella, and bear the 45 degree weather without a jacket... all while keeping a happy little smile on her face for me and the camera.

I may have worked pretty quickly, but we can definitely say

She was a trooper out there!

And, she totally KILLED her 10-15 minute session!

Way to go, Lauren!

We ended up getting half a gallery in the small amount of time we spent outside, but here's a peak at some of my favorites. Enjoy!

My little sister is STUNNING!

This might just be my favorite!

Lauren, you're just the goofiest little thing!

I quoted the "I'm a snake" vine to make her give me that face on the left.

Look at that smile on the right... simply GORGEOUS!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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