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Lauren & Adam - Sadie Hawkins 2019 | CSC Photography - Portraits | Southwest Virginia Photographer

This may sound a bit crazy, but I almost didn't take pictures of Lauren and Adam before the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Although I did have the event on my calendar (just in case), I was under the impression that my mom was going to take all of the pictures for this dance (usually we both do). It wasn't until noon the day of the dance that my mom asked me to come photograph... she had a really good reason though.

I particularly loved this session though because I got to work one on one with Lauren (which I honestly haven't done in a while). I also got to spend a little time with her boyfriend, Adam.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this session.

I've been photographing around my house for YEARS, and I had never thought to shoot here (with all of these trees before)! I'm glad I did this time though. This is my favorite shot from the entire session!

I know we've gotten pictures with Cally (our cat) twice this year, but it really is a rare thing! She doesn't like pictures all that much. If you look close enough, you can see the terror in here eyes as she tries to squirm away.

Ben (our dog), on the other hand, can't stay out of pictures! He actually photo bombed a couple when I was taking the portrait by the tree.

The cowgirl boot is the most important part of the Sadie Hawkins outfit. I love that Lauren's are monogrammed!

Lauren used the sign in the middle to ask Adam to the dance. It goes along with the fish hook bracelets they got for their two month anniversary.

I loved soaking up the last bits of sunlight with these two!

Lauren just had to have a picture in front of this big truck (which is all I know how to describe it). It actually belongs to one of Adam's friends, but I'll admit, it looked pretty nice in the pictures.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett

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