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Drew & Katelyn - Rehearsal | CSC Photography | Harrison Bay State Park Rehearsal Dinner


Rehearsal Dinner at Harrison Bay State Park, TN


Drew & Katelyn's rehearsal dinner at Harrison Bay State Park was perfect for them! Every detail was so thoughtfully planned, just the way Katelyn likes!

From the delicious meal they had to the sweet ceremony rehearsal complete with a ribbon bouquet with little butterflies in it (for her grandmother), everything was so sweet. Can we talk about how Katelyn had her mom's wedding dress redone to wear to her rehearsal too?! They kept all of the original train and everything! It's stunning!

Katelyn & Drew also chose to exchange their wedding gifts at their rehearsal dinner, and I'll have to admit, I cried a bit. Hearing Katelyn read her personalized note to Drew and watching them both open gifts that were not only beautiful but also sentimental and thoughtful reaffirmed every notion of how much they love each other!

Enjoy a few moments from this sweet rehearsal, and click here to see their wedding day story!

See you soon, Caitlin S. Cornett


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