3 Tips for Better Client Emails | CSC Photography - Education | Southwest Virginia Photographer

Like in most businesses, a lot of client communication will be done through (you guessed it) emails.

The most important thing to remember when writing client emails is...


That means something different to every photographer, and I can't tell you exactly how to do this.

My speech patterns will differ from yours, as well as my personality, and my vision for my business.

I know that must seem incredibly discouraging... you came here for education... not to be told I can't tell you what to do...

Don't click out of this blog post just yet though. Here is a compilation of my favorite tips for emailing clients with a professional yet personal touch.

1. Take a DEEP look at yourself and your brand.

How do you want yourself (as a photographer) and your business to be perceived by your market and clients? This may not be cohesive with your current speech pattern!

Let me tell you exactly what I mean by that because I'm aware of how unsettling that is.

I know I want my clients and potential clients to think of a great time when they think about me and my photography, that's why I try to write with a witty, fun-loving (yet professional) tone.

This does not match my personal tone (which is far more professional than most people my age). I've learned to separate my personal and professional speech patterns in order to appeal to certain marketing demographics.

I want to make it clear that I am NOT telling you to change who you are... not at all! It is perfectly acceptable to separate your personal life from your business though, even if you're trying to run a personal business (like me).

Think of it this way... you wouldn't act the same way at home as you do in an office... it's the same thing. Your photography business is your office.