Brendan & Mackenzie - Married | CSC Photography | The Granary at Valley Pike - Weyer's Cave , VA

A Classy, Steel Blue Wedding at the Granary at Valley Pike

Devon and I love all of our couples, and we say that whole-heartedly! We've never encountered a bridezilla or really any couple that we didn't love working with.

We are always so humbled by this because after a couple's engagement session (or wedding, if they don't have an engagement session), we walk away feeling like we just gained two new friends. And we know that not every photographer or photography team is so lucky to have such amazing relationships with their couples.

What's even more rare is to find a couple like Brendan and Mackenzie... or should I say Mr. & Mrs. Gibson!

These two met one night while Brendan was working at an escape room. Mackenzie came in with her best friend (who eventually got Brendan's number from his boss the next day), and the rest is history!

Though speaking of history... they apparently have a lot more than just the one encounter. They grew up in neighboring neighborhoods, went to the same high school, and even attended the same university, but they never crossed paths. I think Mackenzie describes it best when she says their paths crossing was planned by God to be when they were ready for a life with each other and not coincidental.

We couldn't agree more! Brendan & Mackenzie's love is so evident in the way they look at each other, the way they interact, and the way they se