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Dalton & Shelby - Married | CSC Photography - Weddings | Pigeon Forge, TN


An Intimate Smoky Mountain Cabin Wedding in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


You know for a city girl, I sure can't get enough of these country weddings! Devon and I loved this intimate wedding at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains! It was the perfect way for Shelby and Dalton to unite as one with their friends and family near.

I knew Shelby was a CSC bride from our very first messages... and her and Dalton's wedding day only confirmed that! She had so many thoughtful details (which you don't typically see at small weddings), and she kept telling us that she LOVES pictures! No wonder we got so much portrait time with them (not that I'm complaining one bit)!

I cannot wait to deliver the rest of their pictures because I have sooo many that I am dying to show the world. But, until then, enjoy about 80 of my favorites from this day (we were only there for three hours if that tells you anything about how good these are)!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett

CSC Photography


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