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Dodgeball for Autism Awareness | CSC Photography - Event | Emory & Henry College, VA

Most of my Thursdays follow the same schedule.

GWIC (a class EHC forces students to take) at 9:30

Civil Rights and Liberties at 11:00

Lunch at 12:30

Tennis at 1:30

Choir at 3:00

Dinner at 5:30

Then, I sit with Jonathan (my best friend) and do homework while he's the RA (Resident Adviser) on call.

This past Thursday was a little different though. Jonathan and I had dinner as usual, but before we went to the MCC to do homework, he actually played in a dodgeball game for autism awareness.

It was so nice to sit (because I'm not very athletic and nobody wants me on their dodgeball team) and take pictures of so many of friends, who participated in this special event.

There were even people on the balcony spectating!

Looks like everyone is ready to start!

I love these pictures of Jonah juggling with the dodgeballs.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett