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HEAR Me Roar 2019 - Waiting to Hear | CSC Photography - Event | Creation Kingdom Zoo - Gate City, VA

One of the reasons I began photography was to be able to serve others.

I know how important quality images are and how important it is to capture precious moments for people, whether that be through individual portrait, senior pictures, family picture, weddings, events, etc. I want to help people cherish the special moments in their lives.

My goal of serving others is always met when Shannon Ball asks me to photograph events for a organization he helped to found, Waiting to Hear.

You may remember some things about Waiting to Hear from when I photographed HEAR Me Roar 2018 and Camp HEAR 2018 (which I’ll be doing again in September), but if you don’t or if you’re new here, let me give you a little background information.

In 2013, Shannon found out that his daughter (who was almost three at the time) suddenly lost her hearing. Sarah was diagnosed as deaf and seven months later received two implants.

I'm sure that the seven months in between diagnosis and the implants were a difficult time. However, Sarah's parents choose to have a positive outlook on the situation. Rather than regarding Sarah as deaf or hearing impaired, they believed she was "waiting to hear."

From that belief system, Waiting to Hear was formed to help other children to hear.

I LOVE the work this organization does, and they are able to help so many people!

For their sixth year of HEAR Me Roar, the crowd was bigger than ever... and I thought last year was big! There were so many people in that zoo that I found it very hard to stay out of the way (but I guess that’s a good problem to have when we’re trying to bring hearing to children).

Enjoy some of my favorite images from HEAR Me Roar 2019 and be sure to look at all of the vendors and organizations listed at the bottom of this post (they deserve all the love)!

Vendors and Organizations:

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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