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Lebanon @ Marion Varsity Basketball & Cheer | CSC Photography - Sports | Marion High School, VA

One of the worst things about being off at college is missing out on all (or most) of Lauren's high school memories... like her junior year as a Varsity cheerleader.

Of course, I get to capture these moments when I'm in on breaks, but it breaks my heart that I'm not able to come more often.

The good news though, is I don't go to school very far away, so when Lauren is cheering at Marion (a few exits from Emory), I get to go (when it works out with my schedule)... and it did this time!

I was thrilled to photograph some of both the Girls and Boys Varsity games, as well as Lauren and her teammates.

Side note: Lauren NEVER pays attention to me at the games (which is fair... her head is in the game), so her sports pictures ALWAYS turn out like she's mad at me or something (may she is?).

She didn't do that this time though.

She said she wanted some "decent pictures" and actually smiled for me! YAY!

I hope I have so many more opportunities to photograph at Lauren's games because was just so special!

Here's to capturing more memories and being there to celebrate family (despite distance and/or busy schedules)!

P.S. The final score of the boys games was 54-33... and won BOTH games! The girls final score was 55-42. Great job everyone!

See you soon, Caitlin S. Cornett

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