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Lebanon vs. John Battle Varsity Basketball & Cheer | CSC Photography - Sports | Lebanon, VA

When I finally got the LHS Basketball schedule from Lauren, I was so excited to see quite a few games on the schedule that I could actually go to... I'm a really busy person.

Usually, I'm kept from coming to her games due to my schoolwork, extra-curricular commitments, or work (which kept me from coming to 99% of her football games).

Last week in particular, I was so excited to see 3 games (all in Lebanon) on the calendar.

Then, I realized I had to work on Friday... so I could only come to 2 games.

Then, I got an email saying choir practice was starting earlier than I had expected... so I couldn't make it to the Monday game either... or so I thought...

I've never been much of a college football fan, but I am so thankful for the Alabama vs. Clemson game that was on that night (you'll understand why in just a second).

Many of the choir members were concerned about missing this national championship game due to choir practice. They were so concerned that we received an additional email assuring us we would be finished in time to watch the game.

Dr. Trivette must have been concerned as well because when he entered rehearsal he said, "There's a football game on TV, and I want to watch it. Let's go!"

I, on the other hand, was worried about missing another game... Lebanon vs. John Battle Varsity basketball game... the one my little sister was cheering at.

Luckily, I got there minutes before half-time, and I got to photograph her half-time routine, as well as the second half of the game.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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