Happy Birthday! | CSC Photography - Event | Cleveland, VA

It's not every day I write a blog post filled with family, cupcakes, and fun... but of course, my mom's birthday isn't every day!

I'm going to take a moment to wish my mom a "happy birthday" by bragging just a tad with this little story (*insert winking face here*).

These past few months, my mom has been doing a great job on a diet, which I'm sure has been and continues to be extremely tough (I know I have no self-control when it comes to food).

However, she did make an exception to have a cupcake on her birthday... and I think I read on Facebook that she had two!

Even with her cupcake(s), she's been doing great, and it definitely shows!

Happy birthday to a sweet but sassy, friendly but protective, and all together good person!

P.S. I did not Photoshop any wrinkles from these images... she seriously looks this good!