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My Favorite Things - Theatre | CSC Photography - Personal | Southwest Virginia

As a photographer, it may not come as a surprise that I love the arts, and that definitely means music and theatre!

I've been involved with music and theatre (and musical theatre) since the first grade when I performed in my first school play... does that count?

From there, I was in the school play in second, fourth, and fifth grade.

In the summer of 2010 (in between my fifth and sixth grade year), I had the wonderful opportunity to perform in Annie at the Barter Theatre... it was truly a life-changing experience!

I've also been in my high school's productions of Oliver (2010), The Pajama Game (2013), Bye Bye Birdie (2015), The Sound of Music (2017), and Peter Pan and Wendy (2017). I also performed in Mountain Youth Drama freshman-senior year of high school.

Although I'm not currently in any productions, I still have a HUGE passion for theatre!

I go see plays as often as I can, especially if I have friends in them... I go to every show the Emory & Henry Theatre Department produces, and I often come to Lebanon to see their drama productions as well.

Why theatre though?

If you know me, you know I'm quite an introvert... I'm pretty quiet and often shy.

So, why would I find so much joy in theatre... it doesn't seem like a place for shy, quiet people.

I've always said, from a very young age, the stage is where I can really be myself.

This may sound strange because actors and actresses portray someone else when they're on stage.

However, I think of it as a chance to express myself... without being judged so harshly.

It's a very different experience, and I truly recommend you try it sometime. Go audition at your local community theatre or join an improv class (I know those get a bad rep, but I really enjoy improv).

Enjoy some of my favorite memories from my days on stage!

I loved portraying Mrs. Darling in Peter Pan and Wendy! It was such a great way to end my high school theatre experience!

WARNING: The Sound of Music is absolutely my favorite show that I've been in... be prepared for soooo many pictures, as I couldn't narrow them down enough!

I really miss being "16 Going on 17"

I promise, Liesl von Trapp will always be apart on me... that character fit me to a T!

P.S. this show is definitely not on YouTube because it's against copyright laws, so definitely don't ask me for a link to that (*wink, wink*)

Okay, the rest of these productions are just me in random ensemble roles, but I still had a lot of fun with them!

... throwback to the only time I will probably ever sing in a "bar"...

"The Pajama Game is the game we're in, and we're proud to be in The Pajama Game. We love it!"

The Pajama Game is a little bit of a lesser known production, but it's really good!

Yes, this is the advertisement picture we used for Oliver... and my face (in the back right) shows exactly how I feel about it...

... look at those baggy pants... fun times...

Mountain Youth Drama is a theatre group that writes their own shows based on community issues. Often times, we'll focus on alcohol or drug addiction, or generic high schools problems (like dating and bullies). I love the work this organization does for the community!

I'm only this bold on stage...

Here's a mode of theatre that may be a little more up my alley... puppets... where nobody has to actually look at me...

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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