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Nick & Macyn - Married | CSC Photography - Wedding | Private Property - Erwin, TN


A Rainy, Farm Elopement in Tennessee


Devon had the pleasure of photographing this sweet couple's portraits before they eloped at their beautiful farm property in Erwin, TN, and even though I haven't met Nick & Macyn yet, I can tell from her emails and the way he looks at her, they are just so in love!

Macyn told me during one of our emails back and forth that there was a chance of rain on their wedding day... BUT that didn't matter to them! Her and Nick love the rain, and you'll get to see they just embraced the sudden downpour that happened when they were far from the cover of the house or the barn... flat in the middle of a field.

It's moments like those that remind us... yes, even me - the perfectionist... that what life throws at us simply does not matter so long as we are spending it with the people we love.

Rain is just water as long as it's your partner who dances with you in it.

Lemons are just an ingredient for some sweet, sweet lemonade when the ones you care about are your bits of sugar.

Cheers to Nick & Macyn and many years of lemonade and rain dances together!

Enjoy their day!

His reaction to their first look (I'm not crying... you're crying...)

Sweet pup!

They had a downpour of rain during their portrait time, but this couple just LOVES the rain and truly embraced the moment!

The cutest rain dance!!!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett

CSC Photography


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