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SVCC Choir Tour Recap | CSC Photography - Personal | Knoxville, TN

Let me preface this post by saying how much I love choir trips!

Traveling for tours, conferences, etc. have always been some of my favorite memories, and this trip to Knoxville, TN with the Southwest Virginia Community Choir and Southwest Virginia Children’s Choir was no different!

My first choir trip was actually with the Southwest Virginia Children’s Choir (when I was in the 6th grade), so traveling with the adult (community) choir this around was different yet so fun.

P.S. I didn’t bring my “real camera“ with me on this trip... all of these are iPhone picture!

Our first stop was a tour of the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart in Knoxville... this place is huge and so beautiful!

How intricate is this ceiling! The artist spent days on just the stairs leading up to Jesus!

Next, we checked into our hotel. Our room was so cute and cozy!

In the adult choir, we get a bit more free time, which I spent eating Mexican food and Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (partly in celebration of my birthday)!

On Saturday, we all went on a riverboat cruise. The views of downtown were stunning!

On Saturday night (well, more like evening), the community choir sang at the cathedral we toured on Friday. It was so special to take part in this special mass, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of their pastor‘s priesthood!

I love that Tyler trusts me enough to let me take his picture (even with my iPhone)! I can’t wait to take his real headshots later this summer!

Sunday can be described as a fun-filled day at the ballpark... both choirs sang the national anthem at a Tennessee Smokies game!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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