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What to Wear to Your Senior Session | CSC Photography - Information | Southwest VA Photographer

I'm a planner... no doubt about it!

I like to plan almost everything months (or at least a little bit) in advance.

You definitely don't have to be as much of a planner as I am, but, I've compiled a few of my favorite tips to help you plan the perfect outfit(s) for your senior session!

1. BE CONFIDENT - If you don't feel 100% confident in your outfit, chances are, you won't feel 100% confident during your session (which may come across in your pictures). Personally, I don't wear a lot of low-cut tops or dresses because they make me uncomfortable and self-conscious. If I do get clothes with a plunging V-neck, I'm always covering my chest with a clutch or pairing the article with a matching tank. I don't want you to be worried about whether or not you look good in an outfit. That sounds like the exact opposite of fun. So, if you don't feel confident in the outfit, don't wear it to your senior session.

2. BE COMFORTABLE - Whichever outfit(s) you pick for your session, make sure you can move in it. I may ask you to sit or lay on the ground, or we may have to walk a little to get to the perfect spot for your gorgeous images. (I promise we will not be running a marathon in your portrait clothes.... I hate running anyway). So, just make sure you can comfortably walk around, sit down, and lay down without having to readjust your cute outfit a lot.

3. PLAY WITH LAYERS - Especially in the fall and winter, layers look stunning in portraits! Layering flannel, jackets, vests, sweaters, or cardigans make super cute outfits... and will vary your posing options. You can even layer in the spring and summer with sheer cardigans and denim jackets/vests. The possibilities are endless!

4. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ACCESSORIZE - Like layers, accessories, such as scarves, necklaces, bangles, hats, and shoes, can make a huge difference in your photos.

5. HAVE VARIETY IN YOUR OUTFITS - I suggest my seniors bring multiple outfits to their session (plus an cap & gown, if they have it). I always suggest having a variety of looks that represent different parts of your personality. There's casual, dressy, school-related, sports-related, preppy, cozy, and edgy... just to name a few. Pick a couple of these categories and go from there.

6. BE YOURSELF - No advice I give will be better than this! I want to help capture you and your unique personality... this won't happen if you're a girl itching to be in a leather but stuffed into a Lilly Pulitzer dress (or vice versa). You know your style, so just be yourself!

And of course, I will be here every step of the way to help you plan your perfect senior session! If you don't know if an outfit will photograph well, ask me! I love helping seniors pick out their outfits!

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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