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Why Come to Your Session Early? | CSC Photography - Information | Southwest Virginia Photographer

In a society where everyone is always busy, time is a complete luxury.

Trust me when I say I know what it's like to be busy, so when I ask you to show up to your session about 15 minutes early, there has to be a good reason.

1). This gives us time to finalize anything regarding payments/contracts/other items of business. I like to do this even before your session, but sometimes time gets in the way of this. If everything is finalized before your session, that allows both of us to be able to focus on only your session and get the best possible images.

2). This gives us a bit of time to relax and get to know each other better. It's always easier to do anything with people you know; therefore, if we sit and chat for a few minutes and get to know each other, it will be easier for you to relax in front of the camera, and it will be easier for me to direct you into the most flattering poses.... which leads me to my next point...

3). This gives me time to ask you about your preferences for photographs... which side is your best side... is there anything you want me to watch out for when I'm taking the pictures (I always ask if my hair looks okay, but I also try to warn photographers how I sometimes squint in pictures - and to warn me when I do this).

4). This will also give me extra time to coach you into my posing structure. I love this, especially for couples. Because I learned photography from wedding photographers, my couples' posing structure is by far my most advanced... this isn't your mom telling you to stand next to each other in front of a tree kind of poses. I need a few minutes to teach you how to snuggle, cuddle, and nuzzle in public (which most are not accustomed to).

This may sound like a lot of information to cover in fifteen minutes, but trust me, it gets done quickly, and you will hardly notice that you spent an extra fifteen minutes with me.

See you soon,

Caitlin S. Cornett


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